About ME 

I am Robyn Bess, a portrait photographer, based out of Charlotte and Raleigh, NC. When I am not holding a camera, I am a student at NC State University. Honestly, even when I do have a camera I am a student. I enjoy exploring photography through portraits as I discover new talents in different facets of photography. By capturing the essence of love, life, and happiness, I can provide the #BessExperience.


The mission is to provide the #BessExperience that captures the moments that last beyond a lifetime. By providing exemplary service through photography, clients will have confidence in my technique and skills to produce quality images.

What I offer

- Professional Headshots 

- Portrait Sessions

- Graduation Portraits 

- Event photography 

- Wedding & Engagement


For event photography inquiries, please contact me by filling out the contact form or email me at robynbess72@gmail.com 


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